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tv   [untitled]    December 16, 2014 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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that the city become a member of cavo and association of elect officials and do work on open source and security is correct and there is consistency across these types of softwares. i think it's important. it gives you a breath of information and substance for that. i believe it was originally contained in the original language of the legislation and then subsequently later was pulled. thank you. >> good afternoon. one more time commissioners, eric brooks local green party, our city. first i would reiterate what bruce wolf said and that should be included in the legislation and then for on future agenda items when you do have your next joint meeting with the sf puc this is just kind of a point of
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information -- especially i think the supervisors might be clued in on this but the public members i want to make sure you know about it. in the scott wiener london breed legislation that cleared authorizes the puc to sell express hetch hetchy power in the city to make money and bring clean energy to the city. >> >> originally when that legislation was drafted in july it did not include making cleanpowersf a priority customer of that power, and thankfully advocates approached supervisor wiener's aid and they graciously included an amendment that makes it clear that yes cleanpowersf is in the queue by that power and that is very important.
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even if cleanpowersf buys that power at full retail rate there are benefits from that because it helps -- we were discussing the wind power, solar power doesn't happen to be working and you have hydro power there as well in the mix and balances the resources out and help lower load curves on peak load and save money on the whole system as a whole so i want to tip you off that is what is in what passed on tuesday and that's important. thanks. >> thank you. any other member ever the public to comment? seeing no member come forward we will close public comment and we can go on to the next item. >> you have a motion on the floor i believe. >> i'm sorry. we have a motion on the floor. can we take that colleagues without objection? okay. very good. do you want to restate the motion so we're clear about it? >> just that we follow the
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board of supervisors' urging to do the study on open and transparent voaght system in san francisco. >> great. and that was seconded by commissioner campos and take that colleagues without objection. and our next item please. >> item number 7 public. >> public is open for any item related to lafco and seeing no one come forward we will close public comment and before we adjourn i want to thank sfgtv staff for the work broadcasting. madam clerk our next item. >> item 9 adjournment. >> colleagues we are adjourned. have a great weekend. take care. bye.zzñ
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